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THE WORKATION HOTEL”では、その地域のヒト、モノ、バショのストーリー(思い)をつなげ、宿泊施設を中心とした、地域全体の楽しみ方をお届けいたします。


地域の人と交わり、コミュニティが生まれる、あなただけのワーケーション スタイルを、THE WORKATION HOTELで見つけよう。


Travel is deeply connected with life, and is life itself.

In each region, there are people that can only be met, things that can only be experienced, things and places that can only be seen.
Discover the true charm of the area and the real self through “workation.”

"THE WORKATION HOTEL" suggests ways to enjoy the entire area centered on accommodation facilities, by connecting the stories (thoughts) of 
people, things, and locations.
Deepen the charm of the area through interaction with local people - such as the grandfather of the farmer, the older sister of the cafe, 
and the staff of the hotel - and create a map of your own second home, an unknown future trip.

By interacting with local people and create a community,
Find your own workation style at "THE WORKATION HOTEL.”



"THE WORKATION HOTEL"では、SDGsの取り組みとして、2030年までに達成する持続可能な世界を実現するための17のゴールを根底におき、売上や利益追求の事業活動だけでなく、長期滞在(ワーケーション)を通して、雇用創出、異業種の協業によるイノベーション、地方移住による空き家対策(再生)、地域住民の生活や健康確保などの社会的責任を果たせるよう、地域と個人や企業のつながりを創るコミュニティを形成しながら、事業を展開しております。


“Workation” has a possibility to be one of the solutions for Japan's problems such as "declining birthrate and aging population," "population concentration in urban areas," "vacant house problems," and "environmental pollution." 
It will lead to economic revitalization of the travel and tourism industry and regional revitalization.

At "THE WORKATION HOTEL", as an initiative of “SDGs” based on 17 goals to make a sustainable world to be achieved by 2030, we are developing our business while forming a community that creates connections between the region and individuals or companies, by not only business activities in pursuit of sales and profits, but also fulfilling social responsibilities such as job creation, innovation through collaboration between different industries, measures for vacant houses (regeneration) by local migration, and ensuring the lives and health of local residents through long-term stay (workation).

-Your journey, workation, and part of your life will contribute to our society-